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About us

Namaste. Merrymerry Link was founded on Christmas Eve 2019 with the mission to produce premium felt products in collaboration with Japanese designers. The textile industry is one of the major industries in Nepal, with a long history of felt production. Most of our felt products are handmade by local Nepalese women. Our workshops in Nepal have already made a wide range of felt products and supplies worldwide to many countries in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Japan. We take great pride in this history of producing and delivering high quality felt products all over the world and therefore we started our own original brand called Merrymerry Link using our existing skills and know-how. Merrymerry Link promises to give “Happiness for all.” It means we will make people happier and bring smiles to more people in the world, through our premium felt products.

Happiness for all

Happiness for

our customers

Merrymerry Link is focusing mainly on Christmas decorations made of felt, because we believe that Christmas is a happy time for people all over the world. In December every year, everywhere, people enjoy Christmas trees with fancy decorations and Santa Claus and snowman dolls. Children look forward to Santa Clause coming by hanging socks on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day all members of the family gather in front of the decorated Christmas tree and celebrate Christmas. We would like to make this wonderful event, even more, fantastic together with you this is what Merrymerry Link want to do most.

Merrymerry Link would like to bring happiness and smiles not only to people who purchase our products but also to the people who make our products. Merrymerry Link products are mainly manufactured by a female workforce in Nepal. Even today in Nepal, society is relatively feudal, and the social status of women is a problem which needs to be solved. With an 85% female workforce, our factory in Nepal is promoting the employment of women. We also maintain enough paid training opportunities for all our employees in order to hand on traditional expertise and skills.

Happiness for

our employees

Happiness for

the global environment

Merrymerry Link also respects the global environment. We utilise natural materials as much as possible to contribute to an environmentally friendly society. Our main material is wool from New Zealand sheep. We only buy wool from reliable sources who deal with sheep-safe and biodegradable wool. Merrymerry Link workshops are located in Nepal where the main source of electrical energy is hydroelectric power. Additionally, our products are handmade in a carbon-neutral environment to reduce CO2 emissions.

Finally, let us explain our profit plans for Merrymerry Link. We have committed to donating part of our profits to children’s education in Nepal. In some rural areas, because of poverty, children do not have access to proper educational opportunities. We hope to improve the education environment in Nepal by giving financial support to building libraries and repairing school buildings damaged during the rainy season, and providing textbooks & stationery. By supporting local schools in Nepal, we hope we will give smiles back to the children, who will become the next generation.

Happiness for

local children