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Nature and Culture

Merrymerry Link is based in Nepal. What do you imagine when somebody mentions Nepal. People who like climbing mountains might think of The Himalayas and Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. Great Hindu and Buddhist Temples might come to the mind of people who like travelling while others might associate us with the only non-rectangular flag in the world.


Nepal is a small landlocked country with an area of 147,000 km², located in South Asia between two big countries: India and China. The GDP per capita is just 1026 USD and it is one of the poorest countries in the world, rated at 155th. The main industry is agriculture, which over 60% of the Nepalese are engaged in. However, the productivity in the agricultural sector is low and its percentage of the GDP is just 25% (Ministry of finance Nepal 2019). Although the major electric resource in Nepal is hydroelectric power the country is subject to chronic power shortages.

Education and Gender

Nepal is also facing other issues, such as education and gender inequality. The initial enrolment ratio for Nepalese children is 97%, but 800,000 children drop out of school each year because of poverty, geographic accessibility to school, or their parents’ attitude towards education. As a result, the total literacy rate for Nepalese adults is 63.9% with 76.4% for Males and 53.1% for females. These statistics also demonstrate the gender imbalance in Nepal. In Nepalese society, women are at a disadvantage regarding education, healthcare, employment and politics. It is a traditional paternalistic society and women do not have full legal rights. Some women are forced to work long hours or do unpaid work.

For the Future

However, Nepal is changing, little by little, every year. Although Nepal suffered from an earthquake in April 2015, it has enjoyed stable economic growth over the last decade. Nepal is promoting not only traditional industries such as agriculture and tourism but also food and textile industries including felt production. Merrymerry Link would like to contribute to the prosperity of this small country in South Asia and give smiles to every generation through our business activities while working together with the people of Nepal.