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Our SDGs


Merrymerry Link supports for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are contributing to achieving the SDGs of no poverty, quality education, gender equality, industry, innovation & infrastructure, responsible consumption & production and climate action through our business activities, as described below. The SDGs address long-term global challenges that no one actor can address alone. Therefore, we are committed to dialogue, engagement and partnerships with all our stakeholders.

Nepal, with a score of 20.8, is ranked 73rd out of 117 countries on the Global Hunger Index (2019). This gives it a rating of “serious.” Merrymerry Link is engaged in poverty reduction in Nepal through the manufacturing of felt products, one of Nepal’s traditional industries.

Many villages in the suburbs of Katmandu, the capital city of Nepal, cannot provide enough educational resources for the local children. Merrymerry Link donates part of our profits to local schools. We provide financial support for building libraries, repairing school buildings damaged during the rainy season, and providing textbooks & stationery. 

There is a strong traditional hierarchical relationship between employers and employees in Nepal. Females, in particular, frequently face frequently gender discrimination in the workplace. MML promotes female employment and makes efforts to create a desirable working environment for women. At present approximately 85% of employees in our workshops are females.

Merrymerry Link provides paid vocational training programmes for all the employees in our factories in order to promote handmade felt skills, which maintains Nepalese traditional arts and crafts into the next generation. In addition, we actively develop new products through collaboration with our employees.

Merrymerry Link Products, as much as possible, are made with natural materials in order to create environmentally friendly products. Our main material, wool, is only sourced from approved producers, meeting high animal husbandry and sustainability standards. This emphasis on the sustainability of our handmade products includes the packaging and brand tags as well.

Merrymerry Link workshops are located in Nepal, where the main source of electrical energy is hydroelectric power. This allows us to make our own products to the highest environmental standards. We contribute to carbon dioxide emission reduction through entirely handmade products with no dependence on fossil fuels.

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